Friday, October 21, 2011

The Dave Schiff Trio

Dave Schiff is a musician I've known for a long time. In recent years, we have performed together with increasing frequency. Musically it's a very good fit; more so, perhaps, than first meets the eye (ear). Years ago, in the early days of Sullivan's Steak House in Wilmington, DE, I specifically remember playing with Dave and, essentially, making the conscious decision not to be intimidated by his lightning technique (notes per square inch). Up until that point, I was falling into the common trap of allowing the prowess of the other musician to draw me out of my own space (have seen this happen numerous times when guests would perform with Oscar Peterson). So, I let Dave take his million note solo, and when it was my turn, I waited, cleared my mind, and began with a single note "plink" (ala count Basie). At that moment, I reclaimed my "voice", and the music (and mood) was elevated from that point forward. Now, years down the road, I can see this as (symbolic of) a turning point in my own path. These days, when Dave and I perform together, we enjoy the waves we ride, and sometimes the moment will inspire a brief high density notes per square inch outburst (ala Dave) of my own, which usually brings a smile. About a year ago, Dave told me that he'd been inspired by my own determination and efforts toward the business/promotion side of things, to step up his own game. I'm privileged now, to (along with Mike McShane) take part in some of Dave's new adventures as the planted seeds begin to sprout. From what I gather, some interesting stuff in in the works for Dave. In this video, look for an interview of Dave, Mike and I from 17:35 to 23:45, and a performance of the Dave Schiff Trio from 29:30 (I am all but invisible, audibly, on the first tune, but it gets better). Dave again proves himself as a seasoned pro in this performance.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jazz Festival Weekend in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Some things are planned and arranged far in advance, others happen at a moments notice. Our appearance in Rehoboth for Jazz Festival weekend is more like the latter. This weekend, you will find music to suit many a taste all over town. It's really worth the trip. In addition to the ticketed events, most all of the restaurants and clubs feature live jazz all weekend. I am with Shore Jazz and the Eddie Sherman Show at Cilantro's. Click on the above poster to enlarge. Hope to see you!