Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vespers at Heron Point

Exactly one year ago, the Rev. Dr. Anne Ledbetter came to Chestertown as the new Chaplain of Heron Point retirement community. Over the years (I have been providing music, in some fashion, at Heron Point since 1994, for independent as well as health care residents), I continue to have opportunity, on occasion, to play for a Vespers or memorial service led by the chaplain. It's probably fair to say that the same thought/sense quickly occurred to both Anne and me: "Now here's someone I can work with!". Anne brought about some structural change which allows them to bring me on board to provide service music for approximately half of the Vespers services; on Sundays at 4pm, which began this month. This is cool for, among other reasons, the longstanding rapport that I have with many of the residents (I always feel I am among many friends when I am over there), who are glad to see me in the seat. Also, there is always a part of me that misses providing (traditional) service music, and now I get to do just that. Finally, working in a church (or similar) environment is, for me, not a "peg in slot", but more about the common (God) focus and collaborative effort. Bingo. Or, to be Presbyterian, providence.

New Video Playlist - Beth McDonald and Joe - Parkville Nazarene

Beth McDonald and I were privileged to present a concert on Sunday morning May 17, 2015, for the warm and friendly congregation of the Baltimore/Parkville Church of the Nazarene, at the invitation of The Rev. Dr. Neal Gray - pastor. I knew that the piano was being tuned for the service, but what I didn't learn, until that morning, was that this was the first time in several years that the piano was used in church at all. Made it even sweeter. The 3 video posts in this playlist inclue one of Beth's originals. You can play the videos in the box above, or go to the playlist page by clicking here