Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Return to 49 West

A view from behind from my January 14, 2012 performance at 49 West, in Annapolis, MD. Elana Byrd went out on a limb and booked a solo performer for the first time. We had a really fun evening! Delighted to be invited back, this time for "Sunday Supper and Jazz" on November 18, 2012, at 7pm. 49 West is well known for an eclectic mix of artful musical offerings, with a strong jazz leaning. Within this, Elana Byrd brings her own series of performances to her "Intimate Jazz" and "Sunday Supper and Jazz" series. Promoting to a large mailing list of dedicated jazz fans, her shows generally bring the biggest turnouts for 49 West; typically selling out the (intimate) room. It's a lovely venue with good, reasonably priced food. For more information, and to reserve your seat, call 49 West CafĂ© at: (410) 626-9796, or email: Hope to see you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sunday 10/7/12 - The Tri-State Jazz Society presents:

Last February, I was privileged to participate in the Tri-State Jazz Society's piano concert series, and this Sunday am again privileged; this time to be invited back, in their regular TSJS concert schedule. The video above is from last year's show, in a different venue. This year the concert is being held at the Community Arts Center, in Wallingford, PA (in part because they have a better piano). Have backed of for the more rigid Stride Piano theme of last year, and instead will theme the concert around my newly released "In the Spirit of Dave McKenna" CD. The Tri State Jazz Society works long and hard to give voice to the more traditional voices in jazz, performing today, and have been voted  "Best of South Jersey, Jazz/Blues Entertainment" for the last 4 years running by the readers of the Courier Post (the area's newspaper). Am looking forward to Sunday! One thing is for sure: that I will be among friends.