Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Barbara Parker - A Little Out Of Focus.

Which may be true, but what I mean is that Barbara is releasing a new CD, with a release concert at the Mainstay on Sunday January 31 at 4pm. The very short version of the story is that Barbara offered me the role of musical director/producer for this project, and I felt I could be helpful in all of that, so I ran with it. A Little Out of focus could be translated A Little All Over the Place, which is a part of what I helped to facilitate, actually, with a stylistically diverse collection (albeit country laced) as a result. Of course, any suggestion I would make to Barbara would have to be greeted with a "yes, please" (and often was) to see the light of day, as this was about bringing to the surface what she wanted to express (and nothing more or less). So now, Barbara has a quality product to help promote her latest (43rd, perhaps - and don't think she puts one thing away to start another, these all run at the same time) artistic endeavor. Check out the new release here. You will like it.   Okay Barbara, focus now (wait, come back here. What, a new painting? Nice. Okay, put that brush down and sing this. Okay then, fine ...)