Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Chestertown Jazz Festival

The "Joe Holt Trio" has been dormant for a time, but that is about to end with an appearance at the Chestertown Jazz Festival, on Saturday September 15th. Have been looking for the right opportunity to break out with the re-formed group, which includes Mike McShane on drums and Mike Buccino on bass, and this is certainly it. The music will weave, bob, bop and pulse throughout the day with a wonderful line up of artists and bands. It will be a day worth spending, and a destination worth traveling (if you're not a local). Heads up: If you're coming from a distance, be aware that that Chestertown sits rather isolated in rural Kent Conunty MD, and (nearby) lodging is limited. Book and reserve early (I already live here, so I'm good).
note new time: The Joe Holt Trio set has been moved up to 12:15am. Updated 8/31/12

Spontaneous Invention at the Avalon

On Saturday, August 25th at 8pm, the newly minted "Spontaneous Invention" Trio will raise it's profile a bit with a performance in the Avalon Theatre's Stoltz Listening Room. Here's the copy on the Avalon Theatre calendar page:
"Spontaneous Invention is a jazz trio consisting of Dave Schiff (who performed for 20 years with the U.S. Navy's premiere jazz ensemble, the Commodores), Mike McShane, and Joe Holt. The musical conversation of Dave, Mike, and Joe is borne of a unique intuitive connection they share. Even if you don't think you like jazz, you will recognize that something interesting is going on here, and be drawn to the conversation."
We're looking forward to this date! In the meantime, you can follow the journey, or join in the conversation on the Spontaneous Invention Blog. Hope to see you (then, sometime, somewhere, somehow ...)

Back in the Recording Studio

It's been over 4 years since I last recorded in a studio with an appropriate (high end) piano. That is, until last month, when I visited Blue House Productions for the first time. My long held idea (dream?) of managing multiple recording projects with monthly trips to the studio is now being realized. On Wednesday (8/1 - tomorrow), Jeff Gruber and I will be producing the final master for "In the Spirit of Dave McKenna", to be released in September. But, far from sounding like anything is finished, I'm just getting started. I've been to the studio twice, and already have 3 projects underway. Tomorrow I'll be introducing a fourth. And just imagine where I'll be a year from now (perhaps Jeff should be frightened)! This is gonna be fun (and already is)!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Press release - New CD to be released on 9/10/12

                                                      Press Release
                                            Joe Holt to Release New CD:
                              “In the Spirit of Dave McKenna” on 9/10/2012.

Jazz pianist Joe Holt will release his new solo piano recording: “In the Spirit of Dave McKenna”, in time for his appearance at the Chestertown (MD) Jazz Festival, on Saturday September 15, 2012. The CD pays tribute to the unique contributions of Dave McKenna to solo jazz piano, as well as the influence of Dave's playing on Joe’s approach. In Joe’s words: “I’ve never copied anyone’s playing, and couldn’t if I tried. My musical expression is an amalgam of all of my experiences and influences. One brief early encounter with Dave McKenna’s playing, however, was one of those moments when I grew in the understanding of what was possible. I've been traveling for over 30 years on the path revealed to me that day, and I still feel like I'm just getting started.""In the Spirit of Dave McKenna" contains 15 tracks of jazz, popular and Broadway standards including: I’ve Got Rhythm, C Jam Blues, Surrey With the Fringe on Top, Where is Love, and Sweet Georgia Brown. Joe is a career full time musician, currently performing extensively in the Mid-Altantic US, primarily as a soloist, but also with his own Trio, including Mike McShane - drums and Mike Buccino - bass, with whom he will perform at 12:30 pm at the Chestertown Festival. For more info on Joe visit www.joeholtsnotes.com