Monday, June 25, 2012

New Video Playlist - "Joe Holt 101"

In addition to any particular style or type of music I may play, or approach I may take to it; the broad sweep of it all becomes yet another feature. This playlist is designed to portray with width and breadth of my performing experiences. As the boundaries expand, and the center of gravity shifts, the posts will be updated to reflect this. If there is one playlist to "define" me, this one is probably it. Click through to the playlist, read the descriptions, and see if you agree.

The Eddie Sherman Show on the Bandstand, and more

Looking forward to returning to the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand this year, this time with The Eddie Sherman Show, featuring Peggy Raley, in free outdoor concert at 8pm on Saturday, July 14th. This is (yet) another project I'm involved with that is going places. One thing for sure: Sherman and Peggy love the Great American Songbook, and it shows. You could consider this evening a teaser for our show the following Friday, July 20th, for the Abbott's Grill Jazz Dinner series, featuring a special menu pairing with Nassau Valley Vineyard Wines. This is a nice intimate settling, and a great way to experience the best of several worlds. Go for it!  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Experience Spontaneous Invention

I've known Dave Schiff for a long time, and if you've followed my schedule, you may know him as well. He's hard to forget once you meet (hear) him. After putting in his 20 years with the Navy (performing in their premiere jazz ensemble, the Commodores), his saxophone has taken him to many stages, in many places, with many artists, both jazz and pop (click here to read about Dave). Recently Dave, Mike McShane and I inaugurated "Spontaneous Invention"; a collaborative effort of 3 highly intuitive musicians. After playing together on a few gigs, we've all come to recognize to the potential places this can go, both musically, and in performing opportunities. And now, full steam ahead, with the Spontaneous Invention Blog, YouTube Channel, and performances which include; the Abbott's Grill Jazz Dinner Series on Fri 6/22, repeat (and future) shows at Nomad's in Wilmington, and several appearances in Rehoboth during jazz festival weekend (announcement coming soon). Much more to come. Think you might like it? Then, formalize that relationship on our new Facebook page. Yes, we're all in.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Video Playlist - April 23, 2012 - Music at St. Margarets Concert Series

On April 23, 2012, I had the privilege of returning to St Margaret's Church, in Annapolis, MD, this time is an official "Music at St Margaret's" Concert Series performance. Arguably the most inspired playing was after the tape ran out (the encore in particular), though a fun variety of selections and moods were captured, and posted here. Thanks again to the series director, James Fitzpatrick, who has inspired and encouraged many in his support of the arts, and artists.