Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beth McDonald's New Single - "When the Water Falls"

Beth McDonald recently released her first single: "When the Water Falls". This may imply that she is new to this game, however, she has already self-released 4 physical CDs, beginning in 2006. The digital age has taken us to the point where those of us who remember our collection of 45's (I still have mine) can live that again, and those too young for that can just ignore the reference. But everyone can and should download Beth's new single. More will be coming, down the road. And you will be seeing and hearing more of Beth. I am pleased to be working with her, as the corner turns on her path.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Playlist: "Singing Our Stories" concert promo

The Women Helping Women concert, on Feb 20th, at the Garfirld Center for the Arts, provided Beth Mcdonald and I each the opportunity to post a video which shines light on our new concert concept: "Singing Our Stories". We will be performing, along with Mike McShane (drums) and Jeff Davis (bass) at the Garfield Center on Saturday March 9th at 8pm. Reservations are suggested. Click here for the playlist page, and share it with your friends. Hope to see you!