Friday, March 6, 2015

10th Annual Women Helping Women Concert at the Garfield Center for the Arts

The Women Helping Women concert, now in it's 10th year at the Garfield center for the Arts in Chestertown, MD, doesn't need any help from me as far as getting the word out. Everyone (around here) knows, and every year is a sellout. It is a special event for a special cause. And in this wonderfully supportive community, that's all it takes. I get to sit in the accompanist seat (with the ornamented title of musical director) each year and hold hands with many fine performers, each one pouring their heart and soul into their individual performance, and the larger collective experience. If you want to touch the heart and soul of this community, and you've never come to Women Helping Women, you should make this the year, and order your tickets now. A performing arts center full of love - from the back of the stage to the last balcony seat - doesn't happen every day. But once a year, for sure. 

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Watch the concert on Ustream  (performance held on 3/18/15)