Thursday, December 31, 2015

Beth and Joe Return to The Cabaret at Germano's - rescheduled

We love Germano's, and are glad to be returning, this time for a Sunday brunch performance on February 28th (rescheduled from January 24th due to the snowstorm), with seating at 12pm. It's the one place we perform that is pretty much halfway between Beth and me, in Baltimore's Little Italy. And honestly, it's worth the drive. Join us for wonderful food, atmosphere, and a welcome into our world.  
From the Germano's website:
 "A songwriter from the time she could climb onto a piano bench, Beth McDonald was nearly 30 years old before she was willing to try to sing by herself in front of anyone - baptized by fire, so to speak, by becoming the lead singer for the nationally acclaimed DC area New Legacy Jazz Band, where she worked with her accompanist Joe Holt, who has enjoyed a 40-year career as a soloist and touring artist. Together, they perform at historic theaters, cabarets, churches, and festivals, covering music from various genres, such as gospel, blues, pop standards, and some contemporary material as well as Beth’s compositions, which fall into several of those categories. To them, sharing time on the stage is home, and they welcome you into that space. Come and make yourselves at home!" 
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