Friday, January 7, 2011

100th performance for Philadelphia Protestant Home (IL) residents

In 1994, I began working at the Philadelphia Protestant Home, at the request of the new administrator, who I had worked with/for previously. Before long, I was making regular visits to the Health Center (nursing) and Assisted Living units in the capacity of music therapist, as well as performing as an entertainer for the Independent Living residents at semi-monthly intervals. Some years later, the schedule was pared back (the commuting distance was always an issue) to , eventually, only the retirement (IL) residents. To this day, the every other month schedule continues, and sometime this year (I'm not certain exactly when, perhaps it was last night), I'll perform my 100th concert for the residents (and guests and visitors). Believe it or not, there are some residents who have been with me for all 100 shows (and they still come)! As you can imagine, it's a very "warm and fuzzy" relationship, and one (actually many) for which I'm grateful. The above video is from the first time I brought the camera, soon after I began documenting for YouTube in 2007. Looking forward to the next 100 shows!

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