Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist now available

It's been a long road, to this point. Charie', now in college, was in elementary school when the Joe Holt's Notes (the original use for this title) subscription series was churning out mini-lessons in my initial attempt to get ideas on paper, and reach an audience of those to whom I could be helpful in learning and discovery. Back then, I didn't even type, let alone use a computer, so when I faced a point of having to write, produce, and administer this by myself, I was forced to put it down. In recent years, having become (slightly) more functional with things technological, I've been working on the best way to get this back up and running. In the process, the possibilities of digging deeper, and reaching farther have been opening up. Never one to shy away from the grand vision, a new "delivery system" has been put in place to allow depth of presentation, ease of access, and a broad reach to those interested in taking the journey with me. As before (in the original "Joe Holt's Notes"), this series is designed to make the lessons available as I write them (in a much more expansive and comprehensive form), allowing a breathing, evolving series to live on for (hopefully) a long time. If you are interested in playing the piano, at whatever level and angle of view you currently stand, you are invited to take the journey along with me. Click here for the Lessons for the Thoughtful Pianist video channel. Click here for the lesson blog.   

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