Saturday, April 23, 2011

Resurrection day for "He's Steppin' Out"

Back in the 1980's, I began a children's choir, at church in NJ where I served as music director. Not finding any music that served the purpose, I began writing my own songs for the group; songs that brought Bible messages home to the children, who made them their own. We had good times for a few years, then we all moved on (and grew up). Every so often, though, Carol would ask me: “When are you going to record those songs?”, and finally, in 2002, I released “He’s Steppin’ Out”. On this CD the original songs and skits are transformed into a 2 man act along with singer/comedian Jimmy Lawlor. I listened to it yesterday for the first time in awhile, and laughed out loud (all over again). Soon after releasing the CD, my friend Brian Whitaker stepped into the roles Jimmy created (and added some new ones), to create a live performance version (in the video above - from 2004 - Brian helps me present “One Big Mess”). All things at the right time (or - for everything there is a season…), and now, after putting it down for a few years, Brian and I are “resurrecting” “He’s Steppin’ Out” with an Easter Sunday presentation at the Crossroads Alliance Chruch in Dover, DE. We’re both looking forward to what the future holds. If you’re not familiar with “He’s Steppin Out”, you should be. Get it here (you’ll want it - trust me).

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