Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shore Jazz on the Move

Things are evolving a bit with Shore Jazz, as well with as each of us individually. The winds began to swirl when we booked a show at the Night Cat, in Easton, MD, for Friday December 2 (fueled by the buzz around our Friday night steady at the Big Pickle, in St. Michaels). This provided the needed kick in the pants to get the "official" CD project together which, as of now, looks on track to release at the Night Cat (above: a studious Mike McShane at an editing session). While this was happening, Sherman Ward (a.k.a. Eddie Sherman) picked up the group for a Rehoboth Jazz Festival weekend booking with the "Eddie Sherman Show", with more dates (similarly configured) to follow. Winds of change also brought news of the closing of Beseme' (our Saturday night steady of 2 years) on 12/17 (we will be there for the closing night party), and the addition of (my longstanding friend and colleague) Paul Midiri a number of performances (including the Night Cat). Not sure what 2012 will bring (as other projects also swirl in the mix), but we're prepared to sort it all out.

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