Friday, November 16, 2012

New Video Playlist - Willow Valley Lakes Manor - 9/24/12

On Monday evening, September 24th, it was a joy to return to Willow Valley Lakes Manor, in Willow Street (greater Lancaster) PA. I've lost track of how many times I've performed in their auditorium, on their fine piano. Over a decade ago, my friend, Dr. Jack Wilkins and his wife Anne moved in to the Independent Living community, and it wasn't long before Dr. Jack had talked me up sufficiently to receive an invitation to perform. The rest is ... what it is. This is (at least) the third performance at WVLM from which I've posted video on You Tube, and the second time I've used the video recording of their own feed. It's a great set up. In addition to the wonderful piano, they project video on the large (centered) screen, which will be evident from time to time as you watch. This compensates for the piano being on the far left of the stage (perfect for accompanying), and enhances the connection experience with the audience. The concert was well attended, and the residents and guests very receptive and supportive (as always). In contrast to many of my video postings, which capture the sound from the camera (often in the back of the room - great for feeling the vibe and response from the audience), this one uses only the piano and stage mics. Still, you will get the sense of the fun and positive energy of the evening. looking forward to returning to Willow Valley Lakes Manor on April 22, 2013. Thank to Sue Albright for her kind and supportive spirit, and for the continuing opportunity to perform for the residents. 

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