Monday, December 17, 2012

A (partial) Return to Worship Ministry

Christ United Methodist Church: the physical focal point of yet another who'dve thunk it development in my multi-track (but somehow synchronous) world. Faith Souders (a local pianist/organist) contacted me some weeks ago to fill in a few dates for her. She then informed me that the organist with which she shares the position does not wish to continue in the new year. I have accepted the opportunity to share this role with Faith as we move forward. Was tempted, for a time, to take another crack at re-working up the organ chops, but quickly settled into this as a piano only (ad)venture. Though I will miss my friends at PCC, this is kind of a best of both worlds thing, as I will still have opportunity to attend when Faith is at CUMC (or when I am energetic enough to go to PCC first, then zip over to Christ Methodist. One is at 9:30, and the other 11am). 
With the exception of next Sunday morning (12/23), I will be at the piano at CUMC every Sunday thru 2/10/13, as well as Christmas eve (at 7pm). If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know of my connection to worship ministry, service music, and traditional hymns. The itch is now being scratched. Kind of the happy puppy being scratched behind the ears feeling. Get the feeling that the congregation feels okay about this as well   :)

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