Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Return to the Mainstay

On Saturday, November 19, I'm looking forward to a return to the Mainstay, in Rock, Hall, MD for a solo performance of "Happiness ... A Thing Called Stride". This concert will be similar in scope to the Tri-State Jazz Society event back in Feb, that provoked the review posted earlier in this blog. The Mainstay is an Eastern Shore treasure, in a "who'd have thunk it" location for it's eclectic, frequent, and well supported programming. I'm pleased to be in the company of performers who occupy the Mainstay stage. It helps that the director/founder likes me:
Joe Holt can be called a "piano man" in the tradition of the great single acts of the piano world....While he focuses on the stride tradition, his range is great.....Joe Holt is fine; to see, to listen to, and experience. I am deeply impressed. Tom McHugh
If you're in the neighborhood, please consider setting aside the evening to come and share in the happy music (and stuff). While you're at it, pass the word around, get a little buzz going, and let's fill the Mainstay! Hope to see you!

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