Friday, September 13, 2013

Beth McDonald and Classic Avenue; a new (band) name, and another new venue.

Tonight, Beth McDonald and I, along with Jeff Davis debut at a(nother) new venue for us; the Caroline Country Club in Denton MD, It's an early evening, from 5 to 8pm, and we are looking forward to that. We already have a number of dates booked, and looking forward to making new friends and fans as we go. The picture above was taken last month at a favorite venue for Beth and I back in the day, but new to us performing together: Baywood Greens, in Long Neck, DE (near the beach resorts). We have one more date there, and have been promised a more generous helping of dates next season. We also are looking forward to our debut performance (as a team) at the Mainstay, in Rock Hall, MD next month. Other new venues are in the planning stages. In addition, we are very pleased to have received return invitations to all of our previous ticketed show venues. Keep in touch with my web schedule (or Beth's) as new dates are posted. And about the band; Jeff Davis and I form the core of "Classic Avenue: A destination where music has meaning, and is played from the heart." And when performing with Beth, it's all about that. 

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