Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Video Promotional Playlist - Beth McDonald and Joe Holt


As the path unfolds, new representations update the old, and point the direction in which it all goes. The Beth McDonald and Joe Holt YouTube video playlist is, for all intents and purposes our demo page; recently updated with video posting from our Germano's Cabaret show. You can click through the embedded video above, or use this link to access the Playlist page: 
Sharing the link would be a great way to help spread the word, as we spread our wings. I will, of course, be listing all Beth's performances (along with my others) in my schedule. Or, to keep it simple, you can check in with Beth's schedule page from time to time. More dates are coming; to be posted soon. If you can make one of our dates, we'd love to see you!  

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