Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Chestertown Jazz Festival

The "Joe Holt Trio" has been dormant for a time, but that is about to end with an appearance at the Chestertown Jazz Festival, on Saturday September 15th. Have been looking for the right opportunity to break out with the re-formed group, which includes Mike McShane on drums and Mike Buccino on bass, and this is certainly it. The music will weave, bob, bop and pulse throughout the day with a wonderful line up of artists and bands. It will be a day worth spending, and a destination worth traveling (if you're not a local). Heads up: If you're coming from a distance, be aware that that Chestertown sits rather isolated in rural Kent Conunty MD, and (nearby) lodging is limited. Book and reserve early (I already live here, so I'm good).
note new time: The Joe Holt Trio set has been moved up to 12:15am. Updated 8/31/12

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